Why Klopfenstein

Engineered For Performance—Built For Durability

– VALUE & DURABILITY –factory-vertical
Working with inferior art equipment—flimsy, cheaply built, and too soon broken and useless, is a frustrating and wasteful expense. No more! Our ruggedly built, all welded steel equipment is so strong and durable you may never have to replace it! You save money, and needless frustration.

“Tried and True” is just not good enough for us, or our customers. We were the first (and still the only) company to offer slip-proof auto-locking canvass trays,* forward or back tilt upper canvas clamp adjustability, drawing benches & tables with telescoping and inclinable drawing surfaces, and instantly attachable accessories to provide unequaled versatility to our painting & drawing equipment.

Wherever possible we’ve minimized or completely eliminated the “Some Assembly Required” ordeal. In fact, well over half our painting & drawing equipment ships, “ready to go right out of the box”. The rest of our equipment assembles easily, (honest) with just 2-4 nuts and bolts in about five minutes or less.

Adjusting equipment to the artist’s individual needs shouldn’t be a wrestling match between artist and equipment—with no obvious winner. Our equipment is designed for quick, simple, secure adjustability. Easel tilt angle, mast extension, and canvas tray height adjustments easily and securely lock into place with hefty, solid steel lever handles. Our PE100, PE101 & KS100 easels use a slip proof auto clamping system for simple, instant canvas tray adjustments. With Klopfenstein on your side the winner is always you!

Call our toll free line at 866-899-1899 or email: sandra@klopfensteinart.com with your questions or comments. We’re available from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time for help with your questions.
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* Available on PE100, PE101 and KS100 easels only


Proudly Built in Lexington, OH– USA!