International Shipping

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Thank you for your interest in our art equipment products. Below are typical questions and answers about shipping to our international customers. Please email any special questions you may have.


QUESTION: How can I receive a price quote on items I’m interested in, including the shipping cost?

ANSWER: Please email your complete shipping address and the product item number(s) and quantity, or quantities, you’re interested in to: We will provide item pricing and total shipping costs to you. We offer price discounts based on order quantities and we combine your item selections to maximize your quantity discount.

QUESTION: We don’t know how to complete the necessary international shipping documents. Can you help?

ANSWER: Yes, we will provide all the documentation needed to ship your order
direct to your receiving address.

QUESTION: How much will the shipping costs be?

ANSWER: The larger the order, the lower your shipping cost will be, per item. Shipping charges on orders of less than about 15-20 items may be too costly per item to make sense. Orders of 20 or more items will save you money over smaller quantities. Email us the item names, and numbers, and order quantities, and we will be happy to provide a quote. Shipping quotes are good for 30 days and include all import taxes and tariffs.

QUESTION: Are your shipping quotes competitive?

ANSWER: Yes. We work with a network of freight forwarders to provide our international customers with competitive shipping costs.

QUESTION: Will delivery charges be higher if I don’t have a receiving dock?

ANSWER: Delivery charges are quoted as “delivered to your receiving dock”. Charges may be higher if there are no dock facilities, or if there are any special requirements such as, inside delivery, arrival notification, lift gate service, or limited access. Please let us know if you have any special delivery requirements or questions so we can provide an accurate shipping quote.

QUESTION: Will costs be quoted in my country’s currency?

ANSWER: All costs will be quoted in U.S. dollars.